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A Clockwork Orange - Alex by Mansonite6669
A Clockwork Orange - Alex
I'm becoming obsessed with the novella, and the movie. I suppose this is a tribute to the beautiful, "A Clockwork Orange".
I don't even fucking know. I was at the mall. My boyfriend was handing out resumes, so I was just waiting outside for him. Then...this fucking the make-up booth on the other side...points and looks at me. I'm just Please not me. So I slowly backed away, but he motioned me towards him...of fucking course I gave in. He was French, it was obvious...also...a transvestite. The first thing he asked me, THE FIRST FUCKING THING..."have you ever gone to any fetish parties? I think you would fit in perfectly." I think my insides died a little bit. I was speechless. I'm just No I don't. Then Axel came walking over, God forbid...this guy asks, "Are you two together?" I answered yes. Yes we are. Then he said, "You guys don't look like it. You're complete opposites." I wanted to bash my head through his fucking head. THEN he decided he wanted to do my make-up, 'cause he didn't like the way I did mine. I really didn't have a choice, since he already had the shit out. So...I sat there for a few minutes, waiting for him to be done. He was done...I looked in the mirror...I LOOKED LIKE FUCKING BOZO THE FUCKING CLOWN I HAD TO GO WALKING AROUND THE MALL LIKE THAT GOD DAMNIT...I would've taken a picture...but I didn't want to, and it was gone the second I got home. That was one of the most awkward fucking encounters I've ever had in my life. Now, whenever I hear someone with an accent...I'mma be scared...
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Xion Thompson
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I really hate writing bio's. There's just so much to write about. For my art, I usually do sketch/pencil drawings, technology and I just don't get along. I've recently been taking requests on tattoo drawings. I have done many on my own; including Pyramid Head, a Pokeball, and a treble clef. I've done two for others; praying hands, and a compilation of flowers and stars. Also, I'm really interested in drawing videogame/anime characters. A few of those drawings include Pyramid Head (of course), Revolver Ocelot (from Metal Gear Solid), South Park characters, there's just too much to type. Poetry is also one of my strong qualities. I've won multiple online poetry contests, and have been working on my writing for a number of years. Anything else you would like to know, send me a message. =]


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Whoever thinks the movie came first, needs to be punched in the face. The game...I had never heard of it before, now, I'm completely obsessed with it. Favourite part...Pyramid Head. Who knew I could have a sexual attraction to something that doesn't even have a face. Besides having all of the games, I have posters 'n shyt in my room of this guy. Is it creepy I stare at it every night before I go to bed? =P If anyone has any obsessions, post them up! NEOW.


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